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“I have enjoyed participating in The Parent Academy workshops and would like to attend many more topics in the future. It is a great resource for the parent. Every action has a reaction and our product is reflected in our kids.”

– Yesi Abney
April 24, 2007

“The program helped my child in many different ways. It gave us an opportunity to come to a
class which was excellent in helping us learn skills to reduce stress and make good decisions. It made me aware that our school district is trying to help families in a better way.”

-Anonymous Parent
April 10, 2007

“My Parent Academy class hleped me to communicate better with my child and to get a better understanding about how to handle my problems and my temper towards my child.”

-Anonymous Parent
March 15, 2007

“The class made me realize that my daughter has not developed mentally to the level that I have, so I will calm down before speaking to her, evaluate the punishment and stick to it, and let her know I still love her and appreciate her.”

-Anonymous Parent
March 15, 2007

“I attended along with my two granddaughters the “Teaching Your Child How to Save” event at Parrot Jungle Island. The organization and attention to the people there was excellent. The saving information was very important as well as informative. Thank you Parent Academy for the opportunity to share with others as well as with my family.

Orlando Tobar
April 28, 3006

“Families care about their children and want to be good partners. The Parent Academy can lead the way.”

-Mr. Kent Pollack, Parent and Chair Family & Community Involvement Advisory Committee

“There is no topic in education on which there is greater agreement than the need for parental involvement.”

-Dr. Albert Smith, President
Florida Memorial University

“If we are going to help students improve, parents are one of the major, key ingredients to energizing this success. They need to feel they can contribute to this equation of dynamic learning in the 21 st Century.”

-Mr. Steve Saiontz, Chair
Council for Educational Change

“We are honored to be part of this trailblazing partnership. This innovative approach truly builds community by making children and their parents active partners.”

-Dr. Eduardo J. Padron, President Miami-Dade College

“The outcomes of this initiative have the potential for greatness and true, systemic change in our community. Lifting up each other is essential to this community truly becoming a learning community.

-Dr. Rudolph Moise, Physician and Civic Activist

“Partnering with academicians, practitioners, business leaders, and parents to provide a year-round rich menu of opportunities for parents is good, sound business practice. We salute Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

-Ms. Adrienne Arsht, Chairman

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